The website of the winery is its business card

Images from the main web page of some wineries in Alicante. /LBA
Images from the main web page of some wineries in Alicante. /LBA
By Iza Święcicka

The center of the whole marketing strategy of a company on the Internet, in this case, of a winery, should start from its own website. The companies, which are only on the Internet for people to find information about them and their products, often have static websites. “On these pages, at the most you can have contact tools like forms to ask questions, consultation or suggestions. But the information, which they provide, basically is the same, because it is updated infrequently”, Begoña Ivars, professor at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) and researcher on cyberspace, says.

On the other hand, there are dynamic websites, useful for companies dedicated to selling their products, which work through content and tool management system which are at the back of the web. Then, depending on the wishes of the firm, one type of a page or another is chosen. “If the company only wants to have a presence on the Internet, because it has no sufficient financial resources to make a better web or because it just want to be known for its products, could make a static website. But if it also wants to sell through it, we wuld be talking about a more dynamic web”, the professors says.

By not responding to web users, it gives the customers a feeling of no importance.

The design is the main factor to create a website of a company, because all the information has to be accessible. The clients, when they enter to the web, they should know what to do, Begoña Ivars says. “It is necessary that the web is very intuitive, the customer can be able to quickly locate by the menus or shown information, where they have to go, without need to waste time”, the professor says. Especially, in the case of the sale of products. Besides, as the researcher highlights, “it is important to put a link that works correctly and takes the customers to the site, where, according to its text, the users sense that it will take them.”

La Bodega Alicantina Begoña Ivars 01
Begoña Ivars emphasizes that the main errors on the website are related to the web design, accessibility and usability. /LBA

Another element, that today is increasingly important, is whether these companies actually provide updated information. Although a website is static, it is desirable that any content is generated to get some traffic. “In the case of wine, you can update the site with news about wines, even if they do not affect directly the winemaker. Thus, the customers see that when they enter on the page, they can not only find wines from this winery, but also a added value service like information about the winesector”, the professor says.

The other important issue is a feedback to the users of the web. Meaning, that whatever the activity of the company, it should always have a section in which a person can contact the company by a form or email. But the most important thing is that once the contact is established, it is answered. “Otherwise, the customer is given a feeling of irrelevance”, Ivars says.

Platforms to create pages have been democratized so that anyone thinks they can make a web.

The main errors of a web are related to the design, accessibility and usability. There are many pages that have an abandoned and impractical design, where the important things are not seen on one level, but on a second or third. “The main problem is that the platforms to create web pages have been democratized in such a way that anyone thinks that they can make a website. It is clear that the application can be used, but it is only a tool”, the profesor says. It is not just a simply cosmetics thing, but in many cases the elements of the web are not organized in a hierarchy to improve product sales.


Regarding accessibility, to access the page from a search engine, the name of the page and its URL must be matched with the offered products. “If I look for wines, the web of the winery should appear. It is also important that both the name and the labels used in the source code of the web have consistency, so that when I am searching a particular wine, that this information, this winery and the wine appear in the search engine results”, Begoña Ivars explains.

The main errors of a web are related to the design, accessibility and usability.

On the other hand, when a page is opened, a number of elements that identify it must appear. “The users should always be sure that they remain on the website of the winery, even if they browse in other sections of the page”, Begoña Ivars says. Many times when web sites are generated, when the clicking is produced on a product or other links, this web page is replaced by another. It can lead to loss of customers. “If you want to give other content, it should be opened in a new window and the window of the winery always should be opened”, the researcher advises.

Finally, when you access a website, it is important to maintain its usability. It has to be usable. “If this is the first time when the users access the page, although they have some experience in the use of the Internet, the website does not have to be like others they are used to, so they will do some research. So you have to make them it very easy for them”, the professor says. The user must be able to use that website as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible, to avoid them wanting to go to anothersite. It is important to have a simple navigation, no broken links and everything working, when the customer wants to buy a wine or contact the winery”, the researcher concludes.

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