E-commerce in the winery

The different technological solutions of access to online stores, facilitate wine e-commerce / Conecom.es (edited)
The different technological solutions of access to online stores, facilitate wine e-commerce / Conecom.es (edited)
By Iza Święcicka

To Noel Carrion, director of the Master Community Management and Social Media Directors, the issue of e-commerce is essential for a winery, because a producer can not be only limited by the distributor, but according to a report of the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV), in the year 2012 in Spain only 38 percent of the wineries sold their wines on line. “I do not understand why a winery does not have an online store. It is normal that an intermediary buys wines from wineries and he sells them online, but it should be fundamental for the winery to offer this service on their website for those who know their product, but they do not know the intermediary”, the professor says.

There are several ways to create an online store, the simplest of which is to enable a PayPal service and/or credit card payment, and a delivery company. “It is not technically complicated, because we do not talk about 22,000 references as El Corte Ingles (the biggest department store group in Spain) could have. There is no possibility of fraud for the company, because until it receives payment, it won´t realise the sending. Also, this sales channel could reach five percent of the annual turnover of sales”, enumerating the advantages of electronic commerce for wineries, Noel Carrión ensures.

Electronic commerce in tourist areas allows tourists to consume products that they tasted on their holidays.

The idea of ​​e-commerce in such a tourist ridden area as Alicante “should be enhanced, because tourists leave but they want to return using the products which they tried on their holidays, but they can not do this, because the distributor does not reach their country,” the profesor says. Moreover, the websites of the wineries should also be done in several languages, to take on all possible markets. “If the business in Spain is exhausted, it’s time to send wine out. E-commerce allows this and if we aren’t in different places, it’s because we don’t want to be”, Noel Carrión says.

For example, the professor affirms that “if a Russian person enters a website, which is translated into English, and they buy wine repeatedly, you can start to think of translating it into Russian. But also the winery can start advertising on Russian websites to sell wine. It can even send samples to people who are wine critics in Russia, to help them to get to know this wine and discuss about it. Maybe the winery will only achieve three blogs to talk about the product, but if those three blogs receive 10,000 visits, then there are 30,000 impacts for three boxes of wine. There has never been so much business. Only we put the limit on ourselves.”


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